About company

Vitafruits is a divison of Vitachem, dealing with freeze dried fruits and vegetables.

In 2010 Vitachem was established by Andreas Hamacher, out of his 20 years experience working in the food industry. Born in Germany, living in Austria he has decided to set up the ingredients distribution company in the heart of Europe – the perfect place to serve the most of European countries, from our local warehousing facilities.

Vitafruits is the leading expert in the supply of freeze dry products. The whole team with years of experience in freeze drying and other drying Technologies is ready to serve your needs.

Freeze dried

Why choose us?

Market knowledge

Market knowledge, needs and trends have been collected over years.

The expertise into practice

Now, with the division of VitaFruit we are bringing all the expertise into practise.

Filling the gaps

Understanding our competition and filling the gaps on the market.

European partner

We are your European partner for the freeze dry ingredients.